Thursday, September 25, 2014

High School team scores extra point off opponent's helmet (VIDEO)

A high school football team scored an extra point after the ball bounced off a defender's helmet to help it get over the crossbar.

The freak play began when the ball was snapped low to the holder and kicker Keegen Hemenway had to make an awkward kick for the point. Hemenway's line-drive kick was low but ricocheted off a defender's head before sailing through the uprights.

The lucky bounce gave Dell Rapids High School a 38-0 lead over their South Dakota rivals Milbank High School.

And no, the defender doesn't get an assist on the play.

Big Sioux Media’s Matt Larson had live-streamed the game and while his call of the play is no "Do you believe in miracles," it's still pretty funny.

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  1. Why was he playing so far back? They weren't going for two! Should have put in the "Short Fielder" or "Shortstop"! Eh!!