Friday, September 26, 2014

Maria Sharapova snaps newspaper selfie on airplane (PHOTO)

Next time you're reading a newspaper article about Maria Sharapova, don't be surprised if the No. 4-ranked female tennis player in the world is reading over your shoulder — even if you're flying in coach.

The  27-year-old beauty recently lost in the third round at the inaugural Wuhan Open and was (presumably) flying to Beijing where she'll take part in the China Open next week. A nosy Sharapova noticed the guy in front of her reading an article about her ... and snapped this newspaper selfie.

Two things. Maria Sharapova flies coach. And dude ... turn around.


  1. Maria, I can't wait for the next televised tennis tournament. Love to watch you play. I appreciate and marvel at your focus and your attitude on court.I admire your talent and determination. Strictly classy all the way. Best of luck !