Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jeter, Gardner thrown out during embarassing 2-6-3-4-5-3 double play (VIDEO)

The Little League World Series ended last week but, after this play at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night, Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner might want to get a few base-running pointers from the 12 and 13 year-olds.

The two veteran players fell victim to an unbelievable base-running gaffe which ended up being scored an unlikely 2-6-3-4-5-3 double play against the Red Sox — even without the ball making contact.

The embarassing brain freezes began while Gardner was on first and breaks for second. On the throw down, Jeter begins to stray from third base. The Captain loiters too long and too far and is thrown out by Jemile Weeks. 

Then Gardner, usually a speedy and opportunistic base stealer, gets caught in a rundown before getting tagged at second by Allen Craig during a headfirst slide.

Both players walked back to the dugout with their heads hung low after the bizarre sequence of events.

It was almost a disastrous play for the slumping Yankees although the mistake didn't cost them the game.

"Gardy did not get a good jump and he has to stop. Jeet had third base easy," an angry but relieved Joe Girardi said after the 5-1 victory. "Running into two outs, I wasn't real happy about it."

It's going to be hard to make the playoffs — and rightfully so — with sloppy plays like that.

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