Thursday, September 11, 2014

Andrew McCutchen gets first inside-the-park home run in amazing time (VIDEO)

Andrew McCutchen is known as one of the fastest players in baseball, so it comes as a big surprise to find out that the reigning National League MVP's inside-the-park home run Wednesday night was the first of his major league career.

And, as he rounded the bases in a blistering time of 15.44 seconds, there was no doubt he has the legs.

McCutchen's race around the bases must have looked like this to the Phillies players:

McCutchen said he knew he had an inside-the-park homer when the ball first struck the wall.

"It's brick, so anything coming that hard is going to come off it and go that way," he said. "I knew when it hit the wall that I had a good chance."

One question. What took so long?

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