Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bettor loses $100K on Colts' late-game choke: Report

A Delaware bettor put down $5 for a 15-team parlay, looking for a shot to win $100,000. In order to win, the gambler would need to pick all 15 games correctly against the spread. And the odds are long.

But things looked pretty good for this person after Indianapolis rolled to a 14-point third quarter lead and the individual had correctly picked the first 14 games.

All that was needed to collect 100 grand was a Colts win by more than three.

And we know what happened.

The Colts ended up blowing the two touchdown lead and losing, 30-27, on a Cody Parkey field goal as time expired.

"It definitely looked like Delaware had a winner when the Colts were up by 14 midway through the third quarter," lottery director Vernon Kirk said in a statement, according to the Delaware News Journal. "Then to have the Eagles rally like that -- and to win in the last three seconds of the game -- it was agonizing to watch when you knew one player was so close to such a big payout."

It's almost a sure bet that this person will need more than Luck on the other team next time he or she bets.

According to the paper, no one has hit this particular parlay since 2011.

[CBS Sports]

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  1. So, in other words, what REALLY happened was the bettor lost $5 on a 15 team parlay. If he never had the $100 grand in the first place, he never lost it.