Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Derek Jeter love-fest almost turns into all-out brawl (VIDEO)

The night started out nice enough with Derek Jeter adding a few more gifts from the Tampa Bay Rays to his Farewell Tour collection. Before the game, the organization gave him a $16,000 donation to his Turn2 foundation, a Don Zimmer jersey, and a pinstriped kayak.

Then in the eighth inning, Rays pitcher Steven Geltz chipped in with a fastball to Jeter's elbow.

Jeter took it in stride, but umpire Rob Drake decided to warn both sides — bringing both managers out to argue. That's when frustrated Joe Girardi went a little overboard and got tossed. 

Then, in the bottom half of the same inning, Yankees reliever David Phelps decided to give Jeter a little present of his own by throwing a brushback pitch at Kevin Kiermaier. That obligatory gift caused both benches to clear.

No punches were thrown, but words were exchanged before Phelps and Yankees bench coach Tony Peña Sr. were ejected.

After the game, Rays manager Joe Maddon didn't fault Girardi.

"Understand the Yankees frustration, but there was no intent. It's baseball," he tweeted.

No. It's Derek Jeter's last few weeks of playing baseball.

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