Friday, September 19, 2014

Florida Atlantic football team practices with the Grim Reaper (PHOTO)

The Florida Atlantic football team was outscored a combined 96-7 by Nebraska and Alabama, respectively, in the first two games of the season. Although the Owls came to life and won their third game against Tulsa by 29, it isn't exactly a good sign to see the Grim Reaper show up on your practice field right before this week's game against 2-1Wyoming.

A cowboy in Laramie is one thing, but when the hooded guy who represents death takes in your workout, you better start checking your pulse.

There was an explanation for old Grimmy checking out the team because it seems the Owls players are staying at a hotel in Cheyenne that has a reputation for being haunted.

Still, I think they'd rather see the pep band.

[Sporting News]

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