Friday, September 19, 2014

Ferguson demonstrators threaten to shut down Cowboys-Rams game on Sunday: Report

Lost in all of the headlines of the domestic abuse charges involving NFL players are the demonstrations surrounding the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. this summer.

Now, those Ferguson demonstrators — who once had a stranglehold on media coverage — plan on bringing their issues back to the forefront by threatening to shut down this week's St. Louis Rams game.

The threat to get into Edward Jones Dome and stop Sunday's Cowboys-Rams game was first announced at a St. Louis County Council meeting Tuesday night. 

"It's not going to be a fun day Sunday at your beautiful Rams game," one protester reportedly shouted.

KMOX reports that St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson is doing whatever he can to stop those threats from becoming  a reality.

"We are having extra resources in the downtown area for this weekend to address any eventuality," he said.

Dotson said that if a peaceful demonstration was held the police would not interfere, but if things get out of hand, the he will shut them down.

Besides threatening this weekend's game, protesters said they would disrupt grocery stores as well as hold an even bigger demonstration if the St. Louis Cardinals make it to this year's World Series. 

A video posted on YouTube titled "St. Louis Rams: No Justice, No Football," is even asking for donated tickets so more demonstrators can get into the game.

"So all of those St. Louis Rams fans who love justice, I will ask you to contact me and to donate your St. Louis Rams tickets so protesters can get in the dome," says activist Umar Lee in the video.


  1. do these people not have jobs?

  2. What does football have to do with any of that?

  3. These people need to get a life. The punk got what he deserved. Dont rush a person with a gun, unless you want to die. Duh, he's dead. Go out and get a friggen job or at least do something positive. Quit listening to Reverend Al, and the rest of those idiots. You look like a bunch of assholes. What does stopping a game have to do with your lameass protest anyway. Try a mass suicide protest, that will get their attention. Get real and let it rest.Your pissin me off.

  4. and who are you to be pissed off? Peckerwood ass boy you....

  5. That's black people for ya. Refuse to work and just cause trouble. Why haven't they been returned to Africa???