Saturday, September 20, 2014

Coughlin relents to playing music during Giants warm-ups: Report

There was something different in the air during the New York Giants stretching routine at their training facility outside MetLife Stadium before practice Friday, reported the N.Y. Post.

And no, it wasn't the stench of 0-2 team's desperation to salvage a season before it reeks worse than a Meadowlands landfill.

It was the sound of music.

While some players bopped to the tunes, other even sang out the lyrics as the softening of Tom Coughlin continues to evolve with this little tweak in the team's workout.

But don't expect DJs and disco balls anytime soon. It was only the grizzled old coach trying to light a fire under the underachieving Giants before the team heads into this week's must-win game against the 2-0 Texans.

Coughlin agreed to the background music being played during warm-ups after it was suggested by the players’ leadership council.

“The players wanted that,” Coughlin said. “We’ve done that before. We did it years ago. It’s just a little bit of noise in the air, like a stadium pre-game, is the way they put it.”

Coughlin's taste in music leans more towards Sinatra, but he seems willing to try anything to get the first win of the season. He found out last year how fast 0-3 turns into 0-6.

“I don’t want to talk about last year,” the coach said Friday. “I do not want to talk about last year.”

Now that Coughlin has brought on da noise. Can the Giants bring on da funk?

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