Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ball boy's switcheroo of Jeter foul ball could be worth $10K (GIF)

A New York Yankees ball boy may soon find himself a little richer after he pocketed a foul ball hit by Derek Jeter during The Captain's final home game at Yankee Stadium.

After cleanly fielding the grounder, the young man held it in his glove, and then reached into his back pocket pulling out another ball and handing it off to a fan in the stands.

It is uncertain if he pulled the switcheroo to keep the prized ball for himself, or if the Yankees asked employees to hold on to the balls for the sake of keeping any last night memorabilia in the House That Ruth Jeter Built.

Some are saying the ball could fetch as much as $10,000 and the sketchy move might have even increased the value of the ball.

The enterprising ball boy had clearly planned ahead. As soon as he cleanly fielded Jeter's shot, he reached into a back pocket and pulled out a different ball, which he handed off to an unsuspecting fan.

While the ball boy or girl is expected to toss all foul balls into the crowd for the fans, there is apparently no official rule that says they cannot keep the ball. 

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