Saturday, September 13, 2014

CBS Sports rejects ad featuring Pledge of Allegiance: Report

The CBS Sports Network will air a portion of the recent Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo from the Benton Franklin Fair in Washington this Sunday — but might have stunk up the corral with their own little cow pile as well.

The network rejected a local real estate commercial, featuring a cute 4-year-old girl reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, because it is too political, according to KVEW-TV.

After Windermere Real Estate submitted the commercial to the network, fair and rodeo director Lori Lancaster received an e-mail stating that the commercial was rejected by CBS due to its political nature.

A CBS spokesperson said that is not the case and whomever sent that e-mail must have had false information.

The spokesperson said the commercial was rejected because it was too local.

At the end of the ad, the Windermere logo features the company's Tri-Cities address. A CBS spokesperson said this doesn't appeal to a national audience — like a celebrity butchering The Star-Spangled Banner or some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

Windermere then submitted a second commercial.

This one was accepted according to CBS because it did not feature the local Tri-Cities address.

The Horse Heaven Round-Up is one of the premiere rodeos in the Northwest and part of the Big 4 Rodeo Association, along with the Pendleton Round-Up, the Walla Walla Frontier Days Rodeo and the Lewiston Round-Up.

The Pledge of Allegiance commercial in question has been running locally and local Windermere agent Dave Retter said that it will continue to run. His granddaughter is the girl in the 30-second spot

Renner claims the commercial isn't about his granddaughter or selling real estate, but a patriotic message of hope.

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  1. That pledge of allegiance shouldn't be said at all. Kids need to pledge allegiance to Mexico. Mexico is the future, everybody must get on board.