Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Israeli PM uses Derek Jeter reference in anti-Iran speech at UN: Report

In a scathing speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Hamas and the Islamic State group are "branches of the same poisonous tree," both bent on world domination through terror, just as the Nazis were.

And then he mentioned Derek Jeter.

Netanyahu surprisingly referenced the retired Yankees' captain in his blistering vocal attack of Iran on Monday, according a report from Reuters.

"You know, to say that Iran doesn’t practice terrorism is like saying Derek Jeter never played shortstop for the New York Yankees," he said, according to the report.

Since Jeter's farewell tour has been plastered all over the headlines, it's easy to understand why a world leader might insert the baseball star's name in making a point to the UN contingent — who probably wouldn't know a RISP from a SCUD — on a worldwide stage.

Still, the AL Central is one thing but, the Middle East?

At least Jeter did bring a temporary peace between Red Sox and Yankee fans this weekend. In the world of sports, that's a lot.

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