Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Sox fans chant for Derek Jeter at Fenway (VIDEO)

There wasn't any chance Derek Jeter was going to play at Fenway Park Friday night— after he asked for a day off for the first time in his 20 year career — but Red Sox fans still honored the Yankees' captain by chanting his name during the game.

The retiring Jeter said he was so emotionally spent from Thursday's heartwarming and exciting Yankee Stadium farewell the night before that he couldn't muster enough energy to play.

Still, that didn't stop Red Sox fans from showing their rival of two decades a little love in the middle of Jose Pirela's at-bat in the third inning while Jeter took it in while riding the pine:

Red Sox fans cheering Jeter and the Royals celebrating a post season berth?

Welcome to Bizarro World.


  1. Yankees Should be fined for not fielding a major league team for last noghts game. People pay hard earned money to see these players (Jeter)! Both teams out of playoffs. No reason to rest them! Paid big money to play a game! Emotions aside! Jeter legacy tarnished? What about paying fans watching triple A baseball. Another black eye for Sports!! Eh!!