Thursday, September 11, 2014

Motorcycle racer hangs on to opponent's bike at 200 mph after spill (VIDEO/PHOTO)

A motorcycle drag racer escaped serious injury by clinging onto the back of a competitor's bike after he was catapulted off his own bike during a race Monday.

Greek racer Filippos Papafilippou was thrown off his bike while crossing the center line at a Bedfordshire racetrack at nearly 200 mph.

He flew through the air for a split-second, before landing on the wheelie bar of opponent Steve Woollatt, clinging on until the the British racer realized what had happened and pulled over.

As this graphic photo shows, Papafilipou used his foot to stay balanced on the wheelie bar and shaved off a couple of layers of skin during the piggyback ride.

The 42 year-old Greek — who has raced for 14 years — looked at the incredible event in only the way a motorcycle racer could:

"I spoke to people from all over the world and it's never happened before. It's unique," he said. "No one has ever started on one bike and finished on the other."

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