Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Solid gold cast of Lionel Messi's foot goes on sale for $5.25 million

Lionel Messi already has a couple of Golden Boots lying around, so what better than to add foot to go along with the collection.  Well, someone finally has.

A pure gold, life-size replica of the Barcelona soccer star's left foot was unveiled in Tokyo Wednesday.  The 10-inch tall homage to the prolific scorer's foot weighs about 55 pounds and is valued at $5.25 million.

Dr. Scholl would be so proud.

In a video message, Messi said he was honored to have his foot cast with the precious metal.

Messi's brother, Rodrigo Messi, who attended the presser for the unveiling of the golden foot, called the replica remarkable.

"You can see each line on the foot," he marveled. "It's an impressive piece of work."

The gold foot was created by Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka who was inspired by the soccer star's achievements on the pitch.

Messi's foot was cast in Spain at the end of 2012 and brought back to Japan to pour the commemorative piece of art.

The foot — whose toes could buy every Odor Eater® ever manufactured — will go on sale Thursday, and will come with an official certification issued by the Leo Messi Foundation, which helps children at risk around the world.

No word if Rex Ryan is on the short list of buyers.


  1. May I see an actual picture of her foot please?
    How else am I to decide if it truley is a replica?

  2. I like this Solid gold cast of Lionel Messi's foot and I look take to your future posts on further. Good luck!