Friday, June 27, 2014

City cancels 'Sexy Schoolgirl' themed 5K run amid controversy: Report

A North Carolina race that encourages young women to dress like sexy schoolgirls was canceled by organizers, citing "community controversy."

Sexy Schoolgirl 5K race organizers told Raleigh city officials on Thursday they were canceling the race because of a growing backlash against the proposed charity run.

Young women dressed as sexy schoolgirls are seen in several images on the group's social media pages. The photos include captions like "I don't sweat, I sparkle'"and "Friends don't let friends run sexy alone."

The group's website also encourages participants to "pull up those knee socks, strap on those suspenders, and come join the fun!"

The coed races, which do not have a strict dress code, are also normally followed by a pub crawl. Nothing out of the ordinary for a lot of 5 and 10K races. Race participants must be 18 and older. 

Former Raleigh police captain Paula O'Neal criticized the race to town council members, according to the News & Observer of Raleigh.

"I question the message that is being sent and endorsed by the City of Raleigh due to the increasing problem of rape and violence against girls in the schools and on college campuses,'"said O'Neal.

Other factors in the race's cancellation include "a lack of early sign-ups and inadequate organization," the newspaper said.

The group's website says it partnered with the MATHCOUNTS Foundation, which offers mathematics programs and competitions for middle schoolers.

MATHCOUNTS, however, said in a statement that it distanced itself from the Sexy Schoolgirl 5K race after it was "made aware of some of the materials that were designed by the race organizers to promote the race."

The group's website says races are planned for Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Tampa Bay, Florida.

Either way, the schoolgirls' controversy allows us to show track and field's sexiest star Michelle Jenneke for a comparison.

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