Monday, June 23, 2014

President Obama mistaken for England soccer star on World Cup souvenir mug (PHOTO)

Critics keep firing accusations at President Obama but who knew the POTUS would somehow end up on a mugshot. 

In what sounds like an episode of "The Office," a company which produces World Cup merchandise is now apologizing for inadvertently putting a photo of Obama on their souvenir coffee mugs after an employee mistook the President of the United States for England defender Chris Smalling.

In the case of mistaken identity, the U.S. President is pictured wearing the England football top after a company minion — apparently one with little familiarity of world leaders — was asked to find royalty-free images of each member of the England squad and stuck a stock photo of Obama on the World Cup cup instead, reported the  Daily Mail.

The head and shoulders photo printed on the mugs show Obama wearing the England kit, with the caption 'Chris Smalling World Cup squad Brazil 2014' beneath it.

The company which made the error has now hastily turned to English clearance resellers Wholesale Clearance UK to try and switch the stock.

Wholesale Clearance managing director Karl Baxter said the company contacted him with the hope of off-loading the stock.

Baxter said he believed a junior member of staff at the Dorset company responsible could be facing demotion after being trusted with the task of finding free photos of each England player to use on thousands of the the mugs.

"They passed this onto to their young, bright eyed and bushy tailed new apprentice. The designs were proofed and signed off by their boss, who had clearly had a heavy night with the lads playing poker and before he'd had his first vat of coffee the following morning," said Baxter.

'They immediately contacted us and 2,000 of the England items were dispatched to our warehouse. We eagerly unpacked them and, indeed it turned out that the Chris Smalling cup had Barack Obama's head on instead of Chris's.

A promotion might be more in order since something tells me these collectible mugs might go up in value.

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  1. We, the USA, deeply apologize to the U.K. for putting such a LOSER on a mug instead of Smalling.