Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brewers clear bases on bizarre wild pitch sequence (VIDEO)

Talk about a team getting caught napping.  The Brewers scored three runs against the Rockies on a wild pitch by Christian Friedrich and a throwing error by Michael McKenry during one of the strangest sequences of misplays you'll ever see on the baseball diamond.

The bizarre play unfolded with two outs in the third inning, after Friedrich intentionally walked Jean Segura to load the bases. Friedrich sent his next pitch to the backstop, and catcher McKenry tracked down the ball along the first-base line. Aramis Ramirez scored from third on the wild pitch, but McKenry's attempt to throw him out at the plate went, allowing Mark Reynolds to score from second on the wild throw, which Friedrich then retrieved near the third-base dugout.

The Rockies pitcher, thinking timeout had been called by the umpires, trotted slowly toward the mound with the ball, but Segura, who had moved to third base and was held by no one, sneakily inched toward home plate.

Got it so far?

Then, with Friedrich not paying attention and McKenry bent over due to back pain near home plate (he stayed in the game), Segura raced down the line. Friedrich noticed him, and instead of throwing to McKenry, attempted a futile tag by himself.

"It was crazy. A crazy play," Segura said. "I've never seen that in my life, in my whole career."

Watch all the craziness unfold on this video:

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