Thursday, June 19, 2014

Police car pursuit winds up on golf course (VIDEO)

This is one foursome that everybody had to let play through after a wild police pursuit wound up on the fairways of a golf course in Minnesota Tuesday afternoon.

Police say 33-year-old Kendall Feist turned the course into a four-wheeled driving range after officers attempted to serve him with outstanding drug warrants, WDAY reports.

Three police prowlers and a helicopter chased Feist through the greens and sand traps before he was arrested at a mall in Fargo, North Dakota.

"I looked out the window and saw a pickup truck coming straight down the driving range," said one golfer.  "He swerved out of the way and cut across the fairway… people running to get out of his way."

The suspect is facing felony drug charges along with felony charges for fleeing police and criminal property damage.

Moorhead police are now conducting an internal investigation as to whether officers followed correct protocol in following the suspect onto the golf course.

The real question. Who's going to replace those divots?


  1. best thing when first interviewed the sheriff denied any cruisers were on the course until the reporter told him there was videos

  2. (In a whispered voice.) Tiger approaches the ball with, it looks like a two iron and .........
    HOLY $%i##!!!!!!!!