Monday, June 16, 2014

John Jaso and Stephen Vogt have dugout battle for playing time (VIDEO)

After A's catcher Derek Norris was hit on the glove hand by Yangervis Solarte's back swing Sunday, it looked like he may not be able to stay in the game and would have to be replaced.

So John Jaso and Stephen Vogt did what any concerned teammates would do — have a friendly battle to see who could get their gear on first. 

Squatting behind the plate must be a lot more fun than sitting on the bench, so the two players hastily strapped on their pads and nudged each other out of the way so someone could get in a little ninth-inning game time.

Their eager Put Me in Coach attitude had the rest of their teammates cracking up in the dugout.

And the call went to Jaso — who got his mask on first.

If your team doesn't have sausage races, I guess this will do.

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  1. Oakland A's......I've been a fan since the 70's. Love the players on this team and love how they can have fun and make it happen!!