Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mets fans brawled during 50 Cent's postgame concert at Citi Field (VIDEO)

Just weeks after 50 Cent threw one of the worst first pitches in MLB history at a Mets game, the rapper's presence at Citi Field caused another embarrassing episode.

Two videos below (via Gothamist), show fans clad in Mets gear getting into a boozy brawl at the rapper's postgame concert at Citi Field on Saturday.

Nobody has explained why the melee broke out, but it looks like the fat, bald guy in the middle of the mix could barely stand up — nevertheless fight.

MetsPolice.com's Shannon Shark wrote about the laughable tussle at Saturday's game and what she saw:

"There were concert fans in the stands last night…and the concert fans were increasingly intoxicated. Saw a lot of folks (of the same race as me if you are curious) walking around with beer cans. The crowd was spiraling down into that annoying drunk yelling/heckling that can ruin an entire section’s enjoyment. So we left. There was no security to be seen. No ushers. No easily findable 'contact the Mets if…' number. That they mention about 45 minutes before the game and it is never mentioned again. The concert fans were there for the concert. They were not there for the Mets. The Mets filled their park so they will be happy."

Sure Mets fans have lots of things to be mad about — but Fiddy?

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