Thursday, March 27, 2014

LeBron James get flagrant for elbow to Roy Hibbert's face (VIDEO)

If Wednesday night's wildly physical regular season game between the Heat and Pacers is any indication, a playoff meeting between these two teams will be a rough-and-tumble affair.

It was so rough that even LeBron James was called for a flagrant foul after driving into Roy Hibbert during the second half of the 84-83 Pacers win.

A rarity for James.

James' elbow went high, whether to make contact or to try and get around Hibbert for the layup, and hit Hibbert under the chin. Hibbert landed and seemed disoriented. He tried to get up, and then fell back down.

Hibbert would go to the bench, be treated, leave for the locker room, then return to shoot the free throws for the flagrant. He would then leave again, presumably for the NBA's concussion test protocol, and then return to the game.

Ironically, after the loss to the East-leading Pacers, it was James who took issue with how hard fouls on him — and hard contact dealt out by him — were officiated.

"I don't want to fall into the pit of what's going on," James said, when asked in the visiting locker room if he felt he was being targeted by the Pacers when he went to the basket. "You see me and Blake Griffin, we take some hard hits. They call it how they want to call it. It's very frustrating though. Very frustrating."


  1. Lebron is a punk and proved it... The best player in his own mind please...

    1. anyone is called anonymous is really the PUNK

  2. LBJ you are my man,we know about the haters,officials included,just keep doing your thing.If by chance an official get ran over,they should not have been in the way,it happens.DONKEYS are everywhere

  3. Well if someone hit LB like that.they would of been called for a flagrant and ejected