Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Chilean soccer player suffers gruesome ankle injury (Warning: Graphic Video)

Universidad Catolica's Marko Biskupovic won't be playing soccer — or walking — anytime soon after suffering a horrific ankle injury after being tackled by Santiago Wanderers forward Marcos Sebastian Pol during a Chilean first division match.

Twenty-five minutes into Monday night's game, Pol swept Biskupovic from behind with a terribly-timed tackle that ripped the 24-year-old defender's left ankle almost completely out of its socket, leaving it hanging on by the few ligaments left intact.

Biskupovic was taken off the field in a stretcher, while Pol saw a straight red card and left the game as well, but not before getting into a shouting and shoving match with Catolica assistant coach Atilio Marchioni on his way to the early shower.

Pol insists he didn't mean to hurt Biskupovic.

"I never thought I was going to touch him, it wasn't done on purpose," he told La Nacion of Chile. "I still don't understand what happened."

Biskupovic's memories of the incident are also hazy.

According to local reports, an operation on the fractured left ankle was a success.

And, thankfully, the club doctor does not expect that Biskupovic's career will be over, but his recovery will take at least four months.

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