Saturday, March 15, 2014

Female cyclist suffers serious injuries after hitting obstacle on track (VIDEO)

A female cyclist had a serious accident while participating in a cycling competition at the Odesur Games in Santiago, Chile.

Chilean Irene Aravena struck a portable starting gate that was installed on a section of the oval track during a false start. Aravena, blinded by her teammate Estefania Nunez in front, was unaware of the false start and collided with the metal contraption that was hidden by a flag-waving official. She flipped violently over the gate before slamming onto the ground.

The impact snapped her bike in half.

Aravena was immediately taken to a hospital where she underwent surgery on fractures to her knee cap and leg.

The Chilean team were forced to retire from the race, with the Brazilian team finishing as the bronze medallists at the event.

The velodrome is the crown jewel in investment for the South American Games, too bad it came down to human error for the home team to lose. 

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