Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sean Avery calls Martin Brodeur 'Fatso' in response to 'Dancing with the Stars' comment

On Wednesday, Martin Brodeur was asked about former nemesis and NHL hell-raiser Sean Avery appearing on "Dancing with the Stars," and the Devils goalie said he didn't watch the show but replied, "What more can he do to embarrass himself."

Avery — who was voted off the show after one week — fired back via Twitter.

Then the Twitter-happy Avery got personal.

The reference to sleeping with the "nanny" isn't specifically clear, but Brodeur did eventually marry his sister-in-law after a well-publicized affair that ended his first marriage, if that's what he's referring to.

Former NHL player and referee Paul Stewart sided with Brodeur and sent this out after the Avery tweets:

Avery has been known to be pretty opinionated on Twitter in the past, so it should come as no surprise when he tweeted a photo of a donut and coffee and another strange message — presumably to Devils fans.

Brodeur, by the way, posted’s original story with his comments on his Facebook page on Wednesday with a smiley face.


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