Saturday, March 29, 2014

Michael Schumacher's wife builds $17M medical suite in mansion for post-hospital care

In what some observers are calling a “sense of denial” or a "last hope for a miracle," the wife of Michael Schumacher is reportedly spending $17 million on building a fully equipped medical suite in their family home so her husband can leave the French hospital where he lies in a coma.

Despite being told by doctors that her husband will likely never wake from his medically-induced coma, an optimistic Corinna Schumacher  has decided to use a portion of the family's vast fortune to build the facility in their sprawling $42 million estate on the banks of Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

Most doctors beleive that the seven-time Formula-1 champion will be in a vegetative state the rest of his life.

Sadly, Saturday is the three month anniversary of the French Alps skiing accident where Schumacher hit his head and was put into an induced coma to reduce brain swelling.

Since then, there have been few encouraging signs of recovery and the 45-year-old racer has been wasting away in his hospital bed, losing 25 per cent of his body weight.

A friend of the Schumacher's, who has known the family for 25 years, told The Sun: "Miracles happen, of course, and as a wealthy man he has the best care money can buy.

"But all the money in the world cannot fix what has happened to him. The family are making arrangements for a future of permanent immobility."

Corinna Schumacher — who has been at her husband's bedside almost daily since the accident — has always been extremely supportive of her husband's career. To which he once said, "It is not so easy to find a partner who unconditionally adapts to the pace of my life."

The family friend added she "would view breaking faith with the hope of a miracle a betrayal, little better than treachery."

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