Saturday, March 22, 2014

Get tattoo of Syracuse Chiefs logo, recieve free tickets for life

Here's one way to show how committed you are to that whole fan-for-life thing — and get a permanent souvenir to boot.

The Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs are offering free tickets for life to anyone who gets the team's logo tattooed on their body.

The Chiefs, an affiliate of the Washington Nationals, are offering the wacky promotion July 1, on the team's Tattoo Appreciation Night.

Here's how the Chiefs are explaining the promo:

Carmelo's Ink City will be in the building for a special offer - get a Chiefs' tattoo and you'll get a general admission ticket for life!! It's Tattoo Appreciation Night, so take advantage of this "colorful" offer!

Thankfully, the locomotive-themed logo isn't too weird and fans should be grateful the team won't insist on inking their colorful mascot, Reggy The Purple Party Dude, on their bodies.

The team doesn't make it clear whether the tattoo has to be in a certain area or a certain size, though those requirements could obviously be a determining factor for some folks easily seduced by the idea of anything free.

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