Wednesday, March 26, 2014

South African soccer star somehow walked away from this horrific car wreck (PHOTOS)

A South Africa soccer star somehow survived a terrifying automobile crash in which his car was impaled on a guardrail that penetrated the entire vehicle from the windshield through the trunk.

Rooi Mahamutsa miraculously walked away from the horrible looking crash with barely a scratch.

The crash took place near Marlboro, Johannesburg, earlier this month but the astonishing pictures have only just emerged. These dramatic photos show the wreckage of Mahamutsa's BMW 3-Series impaled on a guardrail after the smash.

Mahamutsa, who plays for the Orlando Pirates of the South African Premier League, was out driving when his car skidded on a wet patch on the road, causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash.

Incredibly, the 32-year-old defender walked away with just minor injuries from the incident. He was taken to a local hospital but soon discharged.

Mahamutsa is one lucky dude.

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