Saturday, March 29, 2014

Rugby star recovering after biting off his own tongue (PHOTO)

Rugby players have a reputation for bloodying up the field, but even Lucas Walshaw would the first to admit the gory injury he suffered on Sunday was a little too much.

And he'll say it with a lisp.

That's because the Wakefield forward bit off a chunk of his tongue in the opening minutes of the Rams’ Kingstone Press Championship match at Sheffield Eagles.

Afterwards, Walshaw got one of his teammates to take a photo.

The 21-year-old second rower, who is playing on loan to Dewsbury, attempted to scrum on despite the blood and the tip of his tongue hanging off.

"He got a head shot right at the start of the game, and the end bit of his tongue got bit off and was hanging down," said Glenn Morrison, the Dewsbury coach. "He played on for another five or 10 minutes but it wouldn't stop bleeding so we had to get him off, and as soon as the doctor took a look at it that was it. 

"It wasn’t pretty," said Morrison. "They couldn’t stop the bleeding so they got him off and then saw the end of his tongue hanging off. 

"He toughed it out and spent the night in hospital where they re-attached it with about a dozen stitches," added Morrison. "Tongues usually heal pretty quickly so he should only be out for two or three weeks."

Walshaw seemed more concerned about his food intake.

"I'll be right for the weekend," he said. "They won't let me eat anything for the moment because I got my front teeth knocked back as well, so I'm just on protein shakes. I'm looking forward to a good Mexican but I might put the chillies to one side."

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