Friday, March 7, 2014

Blake Griffin punctuates Lakers historic loss with epic alley-oop (VIDEO)

It might not have been the best dunk of Blake Griffin's career but the emphatic alley-oop that the Los Angeles Clippers star slammed down in the third quarter Thursday night against the Los Angeles Lakers punctuated what was the most embarrassing and historic loss in the Lakers storied past.

The acrobatic dunk, after a pass from Chris Paul, happened when the Clippers already led their Staples Center roommates 102-56 and knocked home the realization that there's a new show in town.

As Griffin admired his handiwork, en route to a lop-sided 142-94 Clippers victory, a chagrined Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak watched from sideline, looking slightly less than impressed with the 48-point deficit.

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  1. LOVE IT!!!!! Savored every moment of that historic beat down.