Monday, August 17, 2015

$16,000 reward offered for stolen Papa John's Camaro

Delivery in 30 minutes just turned into Gone in Sixty Seconds after the famous 1971 Chevrolet Camaro that the founder of Papa John's Pizza paid $250,000 for, after selling it to start the company in 1983, was stolen from a cruise event in Detroit.

The mint Z-28 Camaro belonging to John Schnatter was was towed away in a trailer by unknown thieves and now the pizza giant is offering a $16,000 reward for its return.

Hundreds of classic and high-value cars were on display at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Oakland County yesterday when the gold Camaro went missing, along with two other classic cars.

Schnatter is now said to have a net worth of a quarter of a billion dollars and the international company has more than 3,400 restaurants around the world.

And despite his phenomenal success, he never forgot about the beloved Camaro which he sold off for $2,800. He used that money to save his father's tavern which was on the brink of bankruptcy and start Papa John's. Later, after years of dedicated searching, he found the car again and bought it back.

Here's video of the car being towed away by the thieves:

A spokesman for Papa John's, Bob Kraut, says the vehicle was on display at the Dream Cruise, an event that draws hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Police Sergeant Cassandra Lewis said authorities are investigating the theft of the car from the Oakland County area of Detroit.

And this guy should be easy to pick out of a lineup:

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