Friday, August 28, 2015

Jets' Nick Mangold helped police nab car burglary ring: Report

A group of teenage car burglars learned what NFL defensive lineman have known for years — don't mess with Nick Mangold.

The New York Jets All-Pro center heard his car alarm go off on Sunday morning while at his home in Chatham, N.J., and when he went to check it out, he found the vehicle's door was ajar. Mangold then picked up his phone and dialed 911 to report the suspicious activity, according to TMZ.

TMZ detailed the arrest:

"Cops rushed to the 'hood and tracked down 5 suspects, just one mile from Mangold's crib. An 18 and a 19-year-old were arrested, along with 3 juveniles. ... We're told there's been a string of more than 40 car burglaries in the area recently!"

Knowing that the "hood" happens to be an upscale, tree-lined suburb filled with million-dollar "cribs" doesn't take anything away from Mangold's assist in the collar.

Earlier in the week, NJ Advance Media reported that five teens were charged "in connection with more than two dozen car burglaries that were reported over the weekend in one Chatham Borough neighborhood,"

The total amount of property reported stolen was roughly $40 in change and small bills, three wallets, and a tool set valued at $75, police said.

Well done Nick. Now go out and protect your quarterback — starting in the locker room.

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