Sunday, August 30, 2015

Giants announcer drops birthday cake meant for Carl Banks on air (VIDEO)

Bob Papa, the New York Giants broadcaster calling the "Snoopy Bowl" game against the Jets Saturday night, should have been called for a personal foul after the analyst dropped a birthday cake meant for Carl Banks live on the air.

The former Giants linebacker, who turned 53 on Saturday, was about to receive a cake baked by the the production staff when Papa coughed up the frosted gift.

"You're No. 58, but you're not 58 on your birthday," Papa said before reaching for the cake from off screen. Papa then tried to angle the cake to show it off to the camera, but he tilted it too much and the cake fell right on the floor.

" Fumble," says Banks to his booth partner while throwing his hands up in the air.

At least he didn't say intentional grounding.

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