Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul nowhere close to return six weeks after surgery: Report

It has been six weeks since Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul blew up his hand and had his right index finger amputated after a fireworks accident on July 4th.

And now, a month-and-a-half later, there is nothing to indicate that JPP is anywhere close to a return or if he is even training or rehabbing. 

There has been nothing but silence from his reps about his injuries, his healing, his plans or his training. And besides spotting a bandaged Pierre-Paul in South Florida several weeks ago, he hasn't spoken or been seen otherwise. 

According to the Giants, they still don't have any idea when he's going to return, or even if he realistically can. 

"Until we see him, we can't make that determination," co-owner John Mara said on WFAN earlier this week. "We've been led to believe all along by his people that he'll be able to play. But again, we'd like to have our doctors take a look at him."

Six weeks was reportedly an important milestone in Pierre-Paul's return. At six weeks the fractures in Pierre-Paul's right hand and thumb were supposed to be healed. Doctors said those parts needed the longest to heal. More so than the amputation, they were the primary complications to his return to the field.

Word was that Pierre-Paul would be returning "sooner than most people think," a person close to the Pro Bowl defensive end claimed at the time of the surgery. The player and his representatives seemed to think Week 1 was a realistic possibility.

But why haven't all of the details of the injuries been revealed by JPP's camp. There was believed to be serious damage to his hand and finger, burns and charred skin. Can't they give more specifics about some of the injuries? Was there a skin graft? And why wouldn't he let the Giants' doctors inspect them? 

It all piles up to one big question: With the Week 1 regular season opener only 25 days away, how can anyone know if Pierre-Paul could possibly return to play in an NFL game within months of such a serious injury?

Pierre-Paul has kept in touch with some teammates. He's communicated with some coaches and had conversations with general manager Jerry Reese and an annoyed Tom Coughlin.

But, as Mara has said on multiple occasions, the Giants still can't be sure how many fingers he even actually has right now.

So with the all important six weeks post-surgery timeline passing, it appears even more likely Pierre-Paul won't be suiting up.

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