Sunday, August 16, 2015

Steelers' James Harrison makes sons return participation trophies, saying they didn't earn them

Pittsburgh has long had the reputation as a working class town and when it comes to upholding that blue collar mentality, James Harrison believes it applies to all aspects of life — even on the home front.

And as proof of that, the Steelers linebacker is bringing up his kids with those same values in mind.

Here's his reaction to his two sons getting participation trophies at school, via his latest Instagram post:

"I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy. I'm sorry I'm not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best...cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better...not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut u up and keep you happy. #harrisonfamilyvalues"

Whether you call it tough love or mean dad, Harrison makes a good point. Life lessons start early and kids should be taught about hard work, competition and earning the rewards of excellence before they get into the real world.

But confiscating the trophies after the boys won them? That's a harsh way to say that not everyone is going to get accepted to Princeton or play football at Alabama.

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