Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mike Trout had quite a birthday...powdered head and all (VIDEO)

There are a lot of things Mike Trout does really well, hitting home runs, throwing out runners and, apparently, letting himself be part of a locker room gag.

And on his 24th birthday Friday, the reigning AL and All-Star MVP did all three.

First, the Angels star was treated to a pre-game birthday cake — in the form of powder and a cracked egg on top of his head — by teammate Albert Pujols (probably the only one with enough clubhouse clout who could get away with it). Kole Calhoun captured the shenanigans:

With no candles to blow out, Trout just treated himself to a home run for the third time on his birthday — a 423-foot shot that the slugger will probably re-gift to opposing teams in the future.

Then two innings later, threw out Adam Jones at second base with laser shot from the outfield wall before the Angels went on to beat the Orioles 8-4.

Quite a night.

The Angels might want to start celebrating every player's birthday by dumping cake mix onto their head. Blowing out the candles is overrated anyway.

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