Saturday, August 8, 2015

Redskins and Texans players brawl at end of joint practice (VIDEO)

The joint portion of the final practice involving the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans came to an wild end Saturday when the intra-team scrimmage turned into a full-out brawl.

The teams had just started working against each other at the Richmond, Virginia facility when the first skirmish occurred. When more pushing and shoving continued on subsequent plays, and on both fields, the coaches decided to break the teams apart and each team worked on its own field for the rest of the session.

The change in plans caused Redskins coach Jay Gruden to agree the day was somewhat wasted.

''Initially we had a couple on our field on the offensive field, and I was just going to cut that period out and have everybody go to the side, let everybody cool down and finish practice,'' Gruden said, ''but then the other one broke out on the other field and it wasn't worth it. Injuries take place.

''Obviously, it wasn't a good situation, but we missed an opportunity to get better today against a good team.''

Gruden and Texans coach Bill O'Brien initially tried to let their teams know the fighting wasn't acceptable, but Gruden added: ''Unfortunately, it wasn't two people. It was a group of men'' and ''For whatever reason, it escalated into a nasty brawl.''

O'Brien said the Texans benefited from ''two and a half'' of their three days practicing against the Redskins. And both coaches agreed that joint workouts hold great value in helping to prepare a team for the start of the season.

''Other than having to separate today, we still got work done,'' O'Brien said. ''But the two days that we were together there, we got a lot of situational work. It was good to work against them. Being in the hotel as a team, there's some bonding that goes on there, too.''

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