Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chris Johnson shares photo of gunshot wound on Instagram (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

Chris Johnson has finally found a new place to call home. And, after a tumultuous offseason, the troubled running back signed a one-year deal with the Cardinals on Monday.

Following a disappointing season with the Jets, Johnson was a free agent after New York declined to pick up its option on the running back in February — but that was far from the worst part of his offseason.

In March, while still technically a member of the Jets, the running back was shot and wounded in a drive-by shooting in Orlando that killed the driver of the car Johnson was in and wounded another passenger. He was photographed days later with his arm in a sling.

Here's Johnson sharing the grisly result of that incident via Instagram:

Two months before being shot, Johnson was arrested for openly carrying firearms for having two guns in his car in Florida.

The former NFL star had to recover from the injury during the offseason in addition to looking for a new team. And that was no easy task for Johnson — whose production has dwindled since being a top-notch back just a few years ago.

The one-year contract with the Cardinals is reportedly for $870,000 with no signing bonus.

That should be enough for some bulletproof essentials.

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