Monday, August 24, 2015

Jason Pierre-Paul tries to duck media with really bad decoy: Report

Jason Pierre-Paul's Sunday began nicely enough after the Giants defensive end posted three tweets via his Twitter account.

He said God has bigger plans for him after his fireworks accident, and then even posted a LOL about a typo on it by blaming it on his amputated finger. But before those tweets, Pierre-Paul sent out an Instagram link that announced he and his fiancee would be hosting a back-to-school backpack and school supply giveaway at a church in Sunrise, Fla. — making it his first public appearance since the July Fourth incident.

That got every one's attention.

Media types then sped over to get a glimpse of the since reclusive JPP only to find he went to great — if not exactly well executed — planning to avoid running into the cameras.

Pierre-Paul's ruse included sending out this decoy, who is built nothing like JPP and has his left hand bandaged with what looks like toilet paper when it was his right hand which was injured.

The beleaguered Giants defensive end, whose finger was reportedly amputated after a July 4 fireworks accident, tried to fool a Daily News reporter at a charity event in Sunrise, Fla. by sending out a burly decoy in a bandaged hand who was whisked away in a waiting vehicle.

But the fake football player wrapped up the wrong mitt — in toilet paper, no less — a move even Pierre-Paul's security people admitted was ill-conceived.

As the fake Pierre-Paul was coming out the front, the real one was sneaking out the back, said a security guard at the event.

A glimpse of JPP since the accident is a big deal since he's only been spotted once in over six weeks. Even the Giants have not examined the hand, or have any idea what Pierre-Paul's physical condition is.

Looks like they might want to start with a head examination.

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