Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wilmer Flores autographed 'crying in dugout’ photos are available from memorabilia company

Mets fans are no strangers to tears and have had plenty of reason to bawl for about the last decade or so.

So what better gift for your Metsie than a photo of a heartbroken Wilmer Flores infamously crying in the Citi Field dugout about the trade that never was this summer.

And it's autographed too!

Steiner Sports is selling autographed photos from the July 29 game, when the Mets infielder learned in the seventh-inning that the team was going to trade him and Zack Wheeler for Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez.

The deal was eventually nixed, but not before Flores' tears were caught by photographers and broadcast cameras through the stadium.

Now images from that night, starting at $69.99, are even being marketed as the "crying in dugout" photo.

“In the game I heard I was getting traded, and I got emotional, and when I came in, they told me there was no trade,” Flores said following the Mets’ 7-3 loss to the Padres. “I was sad, being a Met forever, I have all my teammates here, that’s why I got emotional.”

Two nights later, Flores, who signed with the Mets as a teenager,  hit a walk-off home run to lift the Mets over the Nationals.

"With a script that could not be duplicated in Hollywood," the photo's description reads, "New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores turned an emotional moment in the field into an unforgettable one in the batter's box with a walk-off home run in the summer on July 31, 2015."

To be fair, Steiner Sports is selling autographed pictures of the walk-off moment too.

And are those tears of joy I'm seeing Mets fans?

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