Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moms battling Hooters opening next to Brooklyn Nets new arena

A move to open a Hooters restaurant next to the Brooklyn Nets new home at the Barclays Center is being fought by a group of residents— headed by moms— in the brownstone neighborhoods of Prospect Heights and  Park Slope.

Hooters reps have been scouring the area looking for  a space to open the beer, wings and jiggle joint— hoping to cash in on the opening of the arena next fall.

A local mom said the chain is "not a family place" and another said it would bring in "trash traffic."

These are the same stroller-pushers that tried to ban ice cream trucks from cruising neighborhood playgrounds because the bells would get their kids crying and screaming for the sweet treats.

"It's a disgusting national chain with bad beer and bad food," said the local mother of a a 13-year-old girl and 9-year old boy.

How would she know?  Anyway, you'll see more boob when these same pc moms publicly beast-feed their brood at the local playground than you ever would on any tank-top wearing Hooters waitress.

"Hooters has been trying to get into this neighborhood, and twice they were rejected by the largest property owners in the district," said Sharon Davidson, the executive director of the North Flatbush Business Improvement District.

Another Hooter-hating group— called Save Park Slope— said they will "fight Hooters on all fronts."

"From here they'll go to strip joints." said a 62-year old woman.

I don't know if this lady has checked out the XXX stores that already exist out on Flatbush Avenue.  A Hooters looks like Disneyland compared to those places.  Even Dick Vitale goes to Hooters!

Hooters has not responded with a comment.

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