Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A-Rod's girl Torrie Wilson helps break third baseman's fall

Mike Moustakas dove into the stands trying to catch a foul ball during the Kansas City Royals-New York Yankees game last night and had the good fortune to land on the one woman in the stands tough enough to cushion his fall— former-WWF wrestler and current Alex Rodriguez main squeeze Torrie Wilson.

Wilson— who sat between male and female friends— got sideswiped by the charging third baseman but looked just fine after the play was over.  Her male friend, who took the brunt of the dive, wasn't so lucky.  The fly ball looked like it bonked him on the shoulder during the fourth inning play.

If you look closely, you can see Wilson (in the green top) shielding her face while holding a candy bar. Some dude— who resembles actor Ed Helms— behind her covers his head like well... Andy Bernard of "The Office" would.


A woman sitting behind Wilson and her group came up with the loose ball.

The Yankees finally came out of their team-wide slump with runner in scoring position, but only enough to squeak out a 3-2 victory over the visiting Royals.

A-Rod's girl might have helped ease the opposing third baseman's dive, but did nothing to inspire the Yankees slugger out of his hitting slide.  Rodriguez had a chance to break the game open with the bases loaded but struck out at the plate once again.

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