Friday, May 11, 2012

Tebow and Sanchez play nice for media

Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez met the media in the same locker room for the first time yesterday and both players put on their best game faces to disguise any controversy that might be simmering between the two quarterbacks.

The Jets' offseason program began April 16, but Thursday was the first time the media were invited into the locker room.  And show up they did— especially at each quarterback's locker.

Sanchez spoke first and looked a little nervous when asked about the dynamic between the two men whose lockers are about thirty feet apart.  There was a vacant locker next to Sanchez's (formally ex-backup QB Kevin O'Connell's) but the Jets chose not to give it to "backup" Tebow.

"I think it's been nothing but positive to this point, and that's the way I anticipate it being," Sanchez said about their relationship. "It's been fun."


A few minutes later, it was Tebow's turn to speak and— other than talking about changing his dog's name from Bronco to Bronx— he sidestepped the questions about the starting job.

"It's fair to say I always want to be my best, as good as I can possibly be and push myself to the limit," he said.  "That's what I'm not going to settle for— anything less."

Sanchez seemed visibly tense with the media but insisted that the two men have been friendly during the offseason conditioning program but knows Tebow is scratching at his back.

"I hope every backup quarterback wants the job of starter," said Sanchez.  "That's the way you have to prepare.  I was in those shoes in college."

Sanchez didn't end the interview without letting Tebow know who is the starting quarterback by stressing that there are other positions new Jet can play and "that's why he's on board."

"Fortunately for Tim, he has the ability to do other things," Sanchez said.  "He's a backup quarterback first, then he'll do plenty of other stuff."

So far, the other players haven't seen any of that "other stuff."

If the Jets plan on using Tebow outside the quarterback spot, no one has seen him work out at any other position other than quarterback.  Tebow has said that he will put his "heart and soul" into anything the Jets ask of him.

The regular season is still nearly four months away and it sounds like Sanchez knows the barrage of Tebow will continue and he'll just have to endure them.

"I'm not [tired of the Tebow questions]," said Sanchez.  "But it's only May."

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