Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another fan with baseball glove fails miserably

A fan at last night's Dodgers-Diamondbacks game at Dodger Stadium took a roll over the wall along the third base line and landed flat on his back while trying to grab a foul ball.

Another example of a grown man, who brings a baseball glove to a game like a ten-year old, and fails spectacularly.


The epic fail added a little levity to the anticipated pitching match-up between Clayton Kershaw and Ian Kennedy.  The Dodgers went on to win 3-1.

It looked like the fan was trying to do some kind of handstand before hitting the dirt— a really bad handstand.

The tumbling fan immediately scrambled back over the wall to his seat under the glare of a stadium security guard and the only apparent injuries were a spilled beer and the dude's requisite bruised ego.  It's good to know that no Dodger Dogs were hurt during the making of this misplay.

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