Thursday, May 3, 2012

Italian coach slaps player for giving him a "thumbs up"

The coach of Serie A Italian League team Fiorentina went 'impazzire' all over one of his players after he substituted the player who ironically applauded the agitated coach with a "thumbs up" salute.

On Wednesday, during a 2-2 draw against Novara, the coach, Delio Rossi, attacked forward Adem Ljajic after the player protested being pulled from the game.  Rossi slapped Ljajic— after the offending thumb—and jumped onto the bench to continue the attack before being pulled away from the player when it looked like he was getting ready to land a punch to the Serbian's 'faccia.'

Italians and their cute little hand gestures.  Call it Soccer Italian Style.

Yesterday, Fiorentina announced that Rossi was fired and the team will start disciplinary action against Ljajic.  The league also banned the coach for three months even though he doesn't have a team.

Watch the video and— even if the only Italian you understand is pizza— the actions need no translation and it's funnier than a Roberto Benigni movie.

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