Friday, May 4, 2012

Airport uses cheerleaders raise travelers spirits

While Chinese air travelers might get little perks like free pretzels or water, one airport in China is throwing in some free perky.

To entertain waiting passengers, Dalian International Airport recently recruited a squad of cheerleaders to make dealing with long lines and lost baggage feel like a high school pep rally.

Give me a D.  Give me an E.  Give me an L.  Give me an A. Give me a Y.  What's that spell?  

I think a stiff drink at the terminal bar works better.

The cheerleading squad is part of the northeastern China airport's effort "to bring more convenience to passengers in the summer-autumn air season," said a airport official.  The hub handled over 12 million passengers in 2011. 

The unpaid rah-rah performances have been staged at least once a day every day over the past week— each lasting two to three hours— with breaks. The girls are college students on a work-for-study program.

It was reported that almost 1-in-4 flights in China are delayed so the airport also launched services like instant updates and free physical checkups to ease the wait.  Those checkups might go hand-in-hand with the cheerleaders.  You know after watching the scantily-clad girls bounce around, some of the older men might start feeling heart palpitations.

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