Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mr. Met is named top mascot in sports

The New York Mets finally have some bragging rights over the New York Yankees in the city they both share.  The baseball-headed cheerleader who calls Flushing his home was named the No. 1 sports mascot based on his likability, familiarity, and a few other factors, according to the Celebrity Dave Brown Index.

The perpetually-smiling mascot — who has suffered through a lot over the past few seasons— landed the top spot over other mascots like NL East rival the Philly Phanatic (last year's favorite) and Yankee Stadium's own Derek Jeter.  Just kidding about Jeets but Mr. Met did top other fuzzy, warm icons like The San Diego Chicken and the Boston Red Sox's Wally The Green Monster.

The good news just keeps piling up for the Mets this spring who are still in contention for first place after a month into the season.

Mets star David Wright applauded the selection of the team's 10th guy: "I was going to say Mr. Met, but I didn't want to sound like a homer.  I could definitely see it."

The Mets knuckleball pitcher R.A. Dickey was a little surprised by the choice.

"There's no scooter he rides," Dickey told the New York Daily News.  "He's not breaking the other team's helmet into pieces.  Maybe the appeal is that he's like everybody else.  He walks around just like they do."

I guess that explains why the Stanford Tree didn't make No. 1.

The Top-Five Mascots on the list after Mr. Met and The Philly Phanatic were Benny The Bull (Chicago Bulls) The San Diego Chicken and Wally.

Wenlock and Mandeville— the strange London Olympics mascots— didn't make the cut.

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  1. What about Jaxson De Ville??? This guy jumps off light stanchions, bungee jumps, parachutes in costume. Hell, he even plays golf in costume...very well too!!!