Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ice girl goes noodling for catfish during Predators-Coyotes game

During the first period of last night's NHL Western conference quarterfinals match-up between the Nashville Predators and Phoenix Coyotes, the ice girl skated out and picked up a huge catfish a Nashville fan had thrown into the rink.  Not only did the pretty woman pick up the live, whiskered fish with a smile— she did it barehanded.

When you think of 'noodling,'  that southern pastime of huge catfish being caught by toothless men with their bare hands, you don't think of hockey— well, maybe the toothless part— but I guess that's the way things are done in Tennessee.

The blonde ice girl— wearing a short yellow outfit—skated out after the Predators had taken a 1-0 lead and picked up the still gasping, bottom dwelling, scavenger and happily skated off the ice to cheering fans.

It looked like some sort of hillbilly version of Disney on Ice's Beauty and the Beast.

Earlier a referee had to use a towel to pick up one of the fish (he must not be from down south).

The slimy, good luck charm seemed to work and Nashville  beat Phoenix 2-0.

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