Monday, May 21, 2012

Braves bullpen taunts Rays ballboy for booting grounder

For all you New York fans wondering what ever happened former-Mets starter Livan Hernandez— well, he's throwing balls for the Atlanta Braves bullpen and picking on opposing team's ballboys for fun.

During Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays, the 37-year old Hernandez tossed what looked like a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds at a ballboy after the youngster booted a foul ball in front of the Braves bullpen bench.

While it looked like it was all in fun— Hernandez did try to high-five the kid who left him hanging—  and some of the other Braves pitchers can be seen laughing and even crawling in the dirt, the boy had to be a little intimidated and embarrassed.


The kid ended up being a good sport about getting it from the pros.  Maybe Hernandez forgot how it felt to hang your head like he did a lot during his less-than-stellar stint in New York.

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