Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Darrelle Revis says Tim Tebow is 'a born leader'

It has been said that you can tell a lot about a man by the way he eats his lunch and— if you believe Darrelle Revis— Tim Tebow's lunchroom habits make him "a born leader."

Revis, the outspoken New York Jets cornerback, said he can tell by the way Tebow approaches even the most menial of tasks that he has natural leadership skills.

"Some people have it and some guys don't," said Revis about Tebow.  "I just think the passion, it's the passion within.  You see it all the time, eating lunch you see it, walking down the hallway you see it.  He's like, I'm trying to think of the cartoon character, Zeus?  He's just one of those guys, he's very positive, he's got a lot of passion for what he does."

Asked how a person eats passionately,  Revis imitated Tebow leaning in to listen to a conversation.

"He's into stuff," said Revis.  "I'm like, alright, buddy, we're not competing.  He's just very passionate when he talks about things and in conversations."


Revis was one of Tebow's harshest critics before and after he joined the Jets. Last year Revis said Tebow was the kind of quarterback who could lull a defense to sleep but, after spending time with the new backup quarterback, it sounds like he has now caught Tebowmania.

"He's a born leader, he really is," Revis said.  "Very few athletes have the gift he has.  He tries to lead by example all the time and he tries to be positive which is awesome and I think that's the reason for his success on the field."

The All-Pro cornerback isn't the only Jets player who had praise for Tebow.

"You can tell... he's a very passionate guy," left guard Matt Slauson said.  "He works extremely hard.  Everything he does, he does at 100 percent.  So he's a lot of fun to watch in the weightroom.... he meshes well with all the guys."

The coaching staff still hasn't said how they will utilize all of this passion within the Jets offense but Revis now thinks Tebow has the ability to wake up an opposing defense which has to look at two playmaking quarterbacks on the opposite side of the ball.

"My initial thing to the play would be a trick play, something tricky," said Revis.  "Tim is dangerous and Mark [Sanchez] is dangerous as well and to have them both on the field at the same time, you wouldn't be able to prepare for it because no one has ever seen it.  You just have to be cautious, maybe on the defensive side 'hey back up.'"

It sounds like Tebow is doing a good job of fitting in.  After Tebow suggested Bart Scott to soak his sore body in the cold tub, the Jets linebacker playfully asked Tebow if he would 'baptize him.'

"He makes plays,  He wins games. That's it," said Revis.  "As a teammate, it's kind of different.  You actually get to see him every day.  When you get to know him as a person, you have way more respect for the person and appreciate the guy."

Revis went as far as to say Tebow had the "It" factor.

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